Empowering Employees through Values Creation

I talk with thousands of people every year who want to be treated as “partners” rather than as employees. They want information to flow up as well as down. But, oftentimes, leaders do not want to give up control.

I realized at KAIZEN employees understand their jobs. They know their tasks, roles, and functions within the organization, and it’s time for me to let them do what they need to do to get the job done. But there is a critical point that is often missed: It isn’t possible for a leader to “empower” someone to be accountable and make good decisions. Employees have to empower themselves. My role is to encourage and support the decision-making environment, and to give KAIZEN employees the tools and knowledge they need to make and act upon their own decisions. By doing this, I helped KAIZEN employees reach an empowered state.

Customer Service philosophy

Over the years, I have learned that customer service is absolutely the most important part of any business. The easiest way to learn how to provide great service is to act like a customer, an especially critical thing to remember when you’re working in an industry where emotions and stakes are always running high.

Real Estate Professionals should consider developing a customer service mission statement for their company. While a conventional mission statement aims to articulate a company’s core purpose to the public and provide direction for the future, a customer service vision is meant to be shared within the organization. It serves as the foundation for any strong business, representing what the company stands for, why it exists, and how all employees can play a part in that vision. Customer service continues to dominate the majority of marketing efforts in today’s industries–and for good reason. Not only can it elevate a good company into a world-class business, but it’s a vital component to how people and customers view a brand. At KAIZEN Asset Management we have a specific set of practices that we implement when it comes to providing customer service to our clients. The KAIZEN Customer Service Model consists of the following key elements listen, understand, prioritize, monitor and obtain feedback. KAIZEN’s Marketing Department measures the outcome on a monthly basis through various customer satisfaction reports.

Customer satisfaction plays an important role within any business. Not only is it the leading indicator to measure customer loyalty, identify unhappy customers, reduce churn and increase revenue; it is also a key point of differentiation that helps you to attract new customers in competitive business environments like real-estate

Trust: The Most Valuable Business Commodity

The most important word in the dictionary for any successful real estate professional is not money. It is trust. Trust can be defined as “confidence in the honesty or integrity of a person”, and the synonyms associated with the noun are confidence, dependence, belief and credence. A starting point with clients, especially those exploring real estate investments, is to emphasize that irrevocable trust.

Clients want to do business with a real estate professional they can depend on. If you can satisfy the needs and wants of your clients, they might refer others to you and remember you when they want to proceed with another transaction. This only happens if you earn their trust and confidence. Once you build trust and establish an ethical reputation, you’ll also find that every deal becomes more profitable. My experience would suggest that trust and transparency are strong weapons in business development, specifically in a relationship driven market like Dubai. Instead of being scared of transparency, businesses should embrace it as way to improve service and increase customer loyalty.

If you fail to establish trust you will fail, Put yourself on the line. Remember, action is the only language of trust. Deliver more than you expect to receive. You might be surprised at the return.

Building a Future-Proof Business

In today’s digital world, change is inevitable. Technology and processes that are currently working for KAIZEN aren’t guaranteed to work for you in the future. Because of this, no matter what KAIZEN are doing now, it is imperative that we are always planning ahead. At KAIZEN we future-proof our business through adopting technology to streamline process and to provide innovative services.

“The great engine of change equals Technology”